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Regal Ballroom

Minimum capacity: 50 guests.

Designed for events for between 50-100+ guests, The Regal Ballroom is the single biggest room that we offer. Newly renovated, this room also includes a dance floor and full service bar. 

Empress Ballroom

Minimum Capacity: 40 Guests.

Designed for events for 40-72 guests, The Empress Ballroom is our second biggest single room in the building. This room also offers a full service bar. 

Blue Room

Minium Capacity: 15 guests.

The Blue Room is designed for our smaller events. This is the smallest room that we have, and can seat from 15-48 guests. While this room does not have a bar built in, we do offer table service. This room is perfect for small, intimate gatherings. 

Full Hall

Minimum Capacity: 100 guests.

Our full hall consists of both The Regal Ballroom, and The Empress Ballroom. This option is available when your event reaches over 100 guests. We have a maximum capacity of 250 guests, and this option includes the dance floor area, as well as two full service bars. This space does not include The Blue Room, but that room can be made available for an extra charge. 

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